Thursday, 30 September 2010


Abbie Elizabeth Beck - Cohen turns 16 tomorrow. It's fair to say, I am very excited, but also, apprehensive. There's something about birthday's...a certain 'expectation'. And no matter what happens on my birthday, I usually end up crying at some point. Call me ungrateful if you will, but if you ask around, I'm sure many people feel the same. Why is it that birthday's are so emotional? 

I will start of the day by going to school, yep...bore. BUT, I'm only in for 2 hours, and then I'm off :) 11.05 is officially the end of my week at school, so I shall say goodbye to my friends, and go out for dinner with the family :) Going to be perfect. Then, me and a few friends are staying over another friends house in a town not far from here. It's fair to say, I am ever so exciting. On Saturday, I'm off to Reading, to hit the amazing shops there! I will be sure to post pics.

I'm also hoping to get something else pierced, for my 13th birthday, I had my belly button done, and for my 16th I'm in need of another piercing on my body :) I'm thinking..the upper ear. 

Sunday, is off to Dad's house, and then out for a meal with my brother and sister :) 

All in all, my weekend is planned. My birthday's hours away, and I'm very excited. The thought of turning 16 is opening up so many doors, time to grow up now, and leave the past, and the mistakes I made, behind. Fresh start, and I'm ready to be the best that I can be.

xx A xx 


Victoria said...

happy birthday chickkkk :).. i know i've already said it but yano xx

tobes said...

hey hey hey :) it's been so long !
sorry it's late and i hope you've had a very Happy Birthday!!
oooh, and i love the fact that you've revamped your blog it looks great Abbie.
xx :)