Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Steak anyone?


This is just wrong. I thought wearing human hair was wrong, this is disgusting. I'm no vegetarian, and I do like a good old bacon sandwich once in a while, but I can't get my head around this. I believe animals are bred to be eaten, therefore I agree with meat. However, I strongly disagree with hunting animals for fun/sport, and this is just a step deeper than that. Using raw meat as a garment, and flaunting it down the red carpet, makes me sick. FASHION. How on Earth is this right? Fur's unacceptable, yet Lady Gaga's allowed to step out wearing THAT! I am repulsed, and have lost a degree of respect for her. Yes, she's brave and yes she's controversial, yes she makes great music, but this cannot be deemed acceptable surely? 

I would LOVE to know your thoughts Dahlings :) 

xx A xx 


iñaki said...

I am all for Gaga making statements with wacky fashion but this was a step too far. Agreed.


Nicola said...

I disagree, because I think that Gaga was using the dress to make a statement. Possibly drawing attention to how women's bodies are viewed as meat, or about animal rights.

I'm a vegetarian by the way, but this amount of meat is a tiny drop in the ocean compared to the amount of meat that is consumed across the world.

Abbie B-C said...

Thank you both for your comments, and your points of view. Nicola, I totally understand your point of view, and I see where you are coming from, thank you both :)