Thursday, 4 March 2010

Fashionable ink...

Bold. Brave. Edgy. Fierce!.. Ed Hardy spring to mind?

His designs are so iconic, an Ed Hardy garment can be seen a mile off. I think his raw and slightly over whelming designs are deffinately eye catching. I love the way he murges tattoo art in to his design. The fusion between tattoo's and fashion is very cool. I love that.

I personally don't have the balls to wear something of his. I find some of his designs to be slightly trashy, and OTT. Don't get me wrong, I think it's cool, but to wear it, you have to have guts. It's an acquired taste, shall I say.

This has brought me to what I want this post to really be about. Celeb tattoos. Some of them are fascinating. I am a fan of tatts, and can't wait to turn 18 so I can get my first - before you say it, yes I have thought about it, yes I will probably change my mind by then, and yes I know what I want, and yes I know it will probably go saggy when I'm old. I know.

I just find the idea of symbolism so amazing. Every tattoo has a story, and a memory and a meaning. I find that really beautiful.

What are your thoughts on tattoos and Ed Hardy? Let me know in comment. Tahh dahlings.

xx A xx


tobes said...

Ed Hardy = partial love <3
i like a bit of tattoing but i'll never get one my self lol :).But whilst i was working for the vintage fashion show, i did get to draw some tattoo designs on to some models :) and i really love those pictures they are almost like the vintage tatoos you sometimes see on sailors, the Andrew sisters and Beth Ditto :)
another post i've enjoyed.
your just amazing!:)