Friday, 5 March 2010

Dark side of the sun..

Sunshine = New Wardrobe

After being wrapped up in scarves and many heavy layers of material all winter, it's time to grab hold of some sunshine kissed fashion.

This summer I'm thinking of folking it up a bit, with patterns, different textures and floral pastels. Bring on the chiffon!

I'm also loving the rock chic look that's going on atm. Ripped skinnies, smudged eyeliner, combat boots, rock band vests and tees.

Time to take off the scarves and snoods, and layer up the necklaces!

I like a lot :)


tobes said...

i think we are too awesome for this just too awesome! lol :) i've just read the nicest comments ever and both are from you :) love it. your blog& comments makes me smile so much:) on the blogsphere but hey hoped your science test worked out really well.
and your so right on the new season thing can't wait for spring. pp.s dont be fooled by our british whether. sometimes it claims to be spring as soon as march. but,officail it's in late march. confusion on the fashion floor! lolz
and i'm glad riverisland is doing thier own version of the docmartens :) love them ! loving those scarves too

Emmy Marie said...

Those bicker boots are pure love.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, I love those boots. The Forever 21 near me has a very similar pair - though I prefer the Free People myself!! :)