Friday, 19 March 2010

For all the dreamers...

When you're missing something. You find something better. Right?

It occurs in all areas of life.

You meet somebody you like. You think about them constantly, nothing happens. You stop thinking about them and WHAM! It's magical.

You lose people, and realise the ones you need in life have been there all along.

Abbie, What's this got to do with fashion?

It's just typical isn't it. You've been paid, and you've planned a big shopping trip in a far away shopping centre that's big and sparkly. You potter around for ages and find NOTHING. Yet the moment you step out your front door with not a penny in your pocket, you stumble across a million and one things. And they've been under your nose the entire time.

It's the whole wanting something you can't have. Love. To love something, and never actually lay hands on it, yet you know it's right for you, and nothing anybody can say or do, can change the way you feel about it.

Okay. Calm it. I'm getting all whimsicle.

In this post, I will show you the beauties I have come across lately, but being 15 and all, money's some what distant in large quantities. But I can dream, can't I ?!

Have you ever done this? -- Gone on to a fashion website, and filled your basket with every single thing you could possibly want from that shop. Anything and everything. Then been totally shocked at the total cost for all of the items in your basket? Virtual window shopping. I did it recently. Yep. It's slightly embaressing, yet relaxing, for I can dream of the day where I will be throwing things in to my basket and not giving a damn at the price tag. Oh, those will be the days! *Sigh*.

'DREAM ON' list :

Chanel. Need I say more?

I've had my eyes on this stunning watch for some time. Still saving up to touch the 250 pound price tag.

Is it wrong to drool all over a pair of combats?

Markus Lupfer is an absolute babe. I am a huge fan of his beautiful jumpers.

These headphones - worn by Gaga herself, are so pretty, they should be worn as jewelery.

I could literally cry every time I see this bag, It is gorgeous. I love satchels atm.
Tiffany my babe. One day we will meet.

I would LOVE to know what you're craving for in the fashion department at the moment. Leave a comment and share your 'dream on' list.

xx A xx


Charlie ♥ said...

the worker boots and lips jumper = YUM.

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tobes said...

ha thanks for sharing this
those MuiMui are divine :)