Saturday, 20 February 2010

Window retail therapy...

A bit of retail therapy was needed this week. A half term filled with...nothingness has really worn me out!

With the exeption of being absolutely broke, it was a good day. I windowed shopped my little heart out.

One thing did disapoint me though. Some time last month, I visited and got some business cards made for my blog. (You should all check that website out. Most of the cards are free, but depending on what you want, there might be a charge.) I felt this blog lacked something... reality. Fashion is all around, and I felt that I needed to explore. The streets are filled with beauties, strutting their stuff in what ever they feel like wearing, I had this plan, I would go out, approach a DAHLING and ask them if they would allow me to photograph them for my blog - and promote my blog in the process by giving them one of my 250 cards, which I am now trying desperately to shift. Only thing is, I bottled it.

I went out shopping today in the local shopping town with my closest friends. I saw this one guy, he had the most amazing look, very unique. His picture would of looked perfect on this blog! ... unfortunately I got spooked and let him walk on by. Gutted or what! I am very peed off with myself for doing so. Hopefully I can overcome my fear of photographing the stylish strangers on the streets.

My question to you is :

If I approached you and told you your outfit looked 'fabulous', and asked for your photo for my blog. How would you react?

Here are some snaps from today, of me and my friend Emily.

Beautiful leather jacket, spotted on the sale rail for only 18 POUNDS!

Teamed with a folk inspired patterned dress, Emily looks amazing!

I found a rather nice sequined blazer. Not really my thing if I'm honest, but when I tryed it on, I was pleasently surprised.

I am really liking these tailored trousers. I love the fabric, and the way it shimmers in the light. The braces add a masculine touch, but if teamed with a pair of heels, they would look great!

Me and Emily - yes I am very tall. Lol.

I love the tailored blazer I suggested for Emily. The shoulder pads look fab!

xx A xx


Charlie ♥ said...

id be thrilled if you said that to me! i love getting compliments etc on my outfits as does every fashion loving kid in the world, so go for it! i mean you get so many idiots in london pulling you aside trying to rope you into a modelling agency/uni assignment/charity so being asked for a photo for a fashion blog is much more exciting! ♥


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

that leather jacket looks really cute!

Maskenlady said...

Awesome leather jacket, I'm totally in love with it!

tobes said...

Before i comment I would like to say that if you were to ask me of a picture i would say yes before you even finish the sentense! but there only becuase i'm a blogger and if another blogger asks that questionn i would understand what he/she were asking of me....
any who, i really like this post it just features on what's on my mind every since i created my blog too, but the truth is i think that every blogger has once had that dilema of asking a stranger to pose for them.
lol i only usually get to the point of saying "wow are those real jil sanders?" and then i'll just smile and walk away in shame with my hands in my mouth lol ^_^
i rally wished i also had the courage :) seriously because theres a guy in my college whom is the best dressed real life male i've ever seen lol but i'm ever too shy to ask.
hmm perhaps i too should get one of those cards and give them out that should sort out all the shyness ^_^
p.s your friend Emily looks amazing! the Blazers suit her and i'm loviing your printed shirt it reminds me of the "black book" collection for H&M