Thursday, 18 February 2010

Being a Brit...

Hello there Dahling's of the world.

I am going to openly admit that I am getting a little 'stud happy'. As featured in my last post, studs are an amazingly cool way of customising an old shirt. As for me.. well I have many plaid shirts, and I am going to have to stop myself studding them all. I just can't get enough of the 'rock edge'. The greatest thing is, if you get bored of the studs, you can pull them off. I would advise wearing gloves before the tugging begins. My fingers are living proof that studs aren't the kindest of accessories.

I'm on half-term & getting more and more bored by the second. Thus resulting in me customising everything! Ha.

OOH coolest thing happened yesterday. Mum was cleaning out the house ready for the house move, and she found an old Singer sewing machine my Nan - bless her soul - passed on. It's beautiful! I just need to figure out how to use it now :)

I'm in love.

Enough about me. On with the fashion...!
Let's talk about the Brits!

I love the Brits. Not only because I am British, but because of the amazing turn out of gorgeous celebs! I adore oggling the dresses as they strut down the red carpet.

There were some serious mistakes, but also some very elegant fashion miracles.

Pixie Lott's lace dress was beautiful. The blackest of black tights complimented her sky high heels and the flirty a line skirt fitted her shape wondefully.

Florence - from Florence and The Machine - looked amazing! I love the simplicity, the splash of colour from her hair adds the perfect statement to her look.

Wow. Erm... where do I begin with Ms Gaga?! She is undoubtedly brave and takes confidence to a whole new level. As far as fashion goes, everything about her...dress/coat is wrong, yet she pulls it off in a wierd way. If any other celeb wore that on the red carpet I would've laughed, but Lady Gaga makes me think, and I love looking forward to her public appearences, because I know she will shock and amaze.
Hats off to you girl!

Leona Lewis looked stunning. The bold choice of shoes won her many glances. The matching neon pink lipstick added a cheeky sense of girly attitude. For most of the night Leona was referred to as 'a Brit Award look-a-like.' Many critics said she resembled the silver award. That can't be a bad thing. After all, everybody was fighting to get their hands on one...all except Liam Gallagher, who's award is now on Ebay :) Nice one Liam!

Until next year...


Anonymous said...
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Charlie ♥ said...

i thought liam was actually a bit of a pompous twat throwing that award into the audience >:(

i LOVE coldplay and they so should have won that, so having oasis claim the prize even though they arent even a band anymore, and then throw it away like it meant nothing to them, just pisses me off!!!!

anywayyy lol got a bit aggressive i LOVE pixies dress. amaze ♥


Cindy Whitehead said...

I love the Brits (my husband is one) and I adore Billie Piper!

Couture Carrie said...

I am loving studs too!

Fab red carpet pics, darling!


electric feel said...

hey, thanks for your comment!

The Ugly Doll said...

thank you =)

tobes said...

Omg!! forget the brits ! can't totally belive you have a singer!! and it's vintage baby! lol i have a singer too and i'm about to get another one [which is from the sixties] lol
p.s my aunty had one of those singers but it had a massive sewing chair attached to it!

tobes said...

pp.s never chuck away an old singer they are very stable and no matter how old or damaged they are they can be fixed and are totally realiable ! and more pp.s never by the new set of singers they break and are made of cheaper materials :) vintage all the way