Tuesday, 16 February 2010



Yes. I finally decided to customise. To re-create something new. Gary Harvey has inspired me to get creative with the old. So I did.

I took an old plaid shirt, that I bought from TKmaxx for 20 pounds, and turned it in to a shirt-waistcoat thing. It looks very dudey indeed.

Before shot:

Dark blue checkered shirt.

By Ali & Kris.

I then chopped off the arms.

I pottered around for a few minutes, and eventually found my pink emo studded belt.
From way back when.

Ten minutes of fierce tugging and battered skin on my finger tips, left me with a pile of studs.
I'm sure it's easier to buy them, but hey! This is about recycling. So put your purse away!

After rolling up the sleeves, stitching in position, and pushing through the studs. I had finished. EASY!

Ta-da! Time to try it on:

For a rock edge, I teamed with a Rolling Sones - Starbackers Coffee vest & ripped tights. Which were previously part of my halloween outfit..lol..but I think if teamed with a pair of big black combat boots, the outfit would be complete. Rock on DAHLING.

They know what they're doing:

Bye for now! xx A xx

I would like to appologise to Hannah for not giving her the credit she deserves. Her amazing idea for the studded shirt inspired me to do my shirt, and indeed this post. I hope I am forgiven for forgetting to add her blog in this post. Everybody should check out her fabulous blog. Many appologies.

Check it out, it's fabulous!


brigitte and courtney said...

thats so cute *love* that outfit :)


Emmy Marie said...

Can this be it for me?
Another Lady Gaga fan,
I might just be in love with you :)

Emmy x

Anonymous said...
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Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

Seriously LOVE this! The shirt looks amazing, and I adore the outfit you put it with. Ripped leggings = hell yes!

Don't worry about not crediting me! I'm just happy I inspired you :)



Lenne said...

Love the DIY! :D
Looks really good (:

SammyKins said...

love this! studding things is such a good idea and an easy and effective way to turn something simple into a jazzy top! love the blog hunny!
love sammy

tobes said...

love the outfit and your last pose it's like "wait a minute did i just make a totally amzing shirt all by my self ? , why yes, yes i did !"

Anonymous said...

Hey, love the outfit! Could you possibly tell me where you got your rolling stones statbacker vet from?! :):) xx