Saturday, 13 February 2010


Gary Harvey.

Heard the name? He's an incredible fashion designer! Why is he incredible?... I believe the picture below will explain all.
 Gary Harvey created this magnificent dress from 30 copies of the 'Financial Times'.

Recycling + Fashion = Trashion.

Some say preowned, some say vintage, some say innovative and I'd have to say 'I agree'. Is there anything better than saving the planet we live on? ... okay...  is there anything better than looking good, whilst saving the planet we live on?! Nope.

Vivienne Westwood is one of many designers who are supporting the new fashion revolution.

Creating recycled fashion is easy. You can get preowned fabrics anywhere. Charity shops, car boots, storage boxes in the attic full of old clothes and memories. All you do is recreate something new, from something old and save yourself some money. Sounds pretty good to me.

Here's some pictures to give you some inspiration:


Scorpion Disco said...

I would wear like...95% of these.


tobes said...

wow you know gary harvey 9okay i'm officailly declaring you as the coolest!!!!!!!!) not that you weren't before! ^_^ but omg!!!!
he is so fab!!! i became a fan since i saw him in vogue!! lol
p.s if you like him there's a collection in dazed&cunfused magazine that you would love!! check it out

Saul said...

This seems to way to fun. I can see it OMG

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I like the Music

tobes said...

band of skulls!!!! amazing i have their album!! loving the music Abbie!

Katie said...

Very inspiring. And omg your music always scares the bajesus out of me.