Sunday, 31 January 2010

Vintage-ness of course...

Atm I am currently getting very exciting about the potential thought of moving house. Is there anything better than going shopping for accessories and bits and bobs for one's humble abode? Perhaps shopping for clothes is a strong rival, but shopping none the less is lovely.

I am loving rustic accessories and vintage decorations with a spark of modernisation. Don't you? The new meets the old and collaborate beautifully.

Vintage is so 'in'. Why? Why are we referring to the past? There is so much modern technology and gadgets and what not, dragging us in to the future. Yet we cling on to the past like there's no tomorrow. I find that odd, yet slightly cute.

Aren't vintage pictures just the best?!

Movies like Chicago deffinately influenced fashion.

Until next time.
xx A xx


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous photos, darling!
Loving your blog!


nuheila said...

I just tagged you:)

Eye said...

Hi dahling,
I have an award for you :)

roxybelle said...

Cute pictures. I love to look at inspiring photographs.

Eye said...

Hey, thank you for the compliments :)
I allways like to stop at your blog. you are very talented for your age!!!!

tobes said...

hey hey , thanks for recieving the award ^_^ it's so nice of you sorry it's been so long to reply but i've been bugged up with both art and english work lol okay first of all i love those photos 11/10 for vintagesness ^_^ theye are so gorgous i love third picture just reminds me of saatchi gallery so beautifull! absolutly loved chicago!!
p.s i'have always wondered which character i wanted to be zeta or reene's? lol i'd be both at the same time :) lol
good luck with moving i reently moved .. and found out another joy of shopping getting those deco!!
xo tobes