Friday, 29 January 2010

A generous helping of past times...

I sorry-gise. Things have been pretty 'sloppy Joe' recently. There's a long line of excuses, mainly involving the losing of my Blackberry and then the finding of my Blackberry, and the crashing of my netbook and the praying the netbook will revive itself. But never fear, for I am back! With a brand new post. Only thing is.. what am I going to write about! Hmm... a - ha! What about... revivals!


Indeed. This seems very relevant. There's nothing better than discovering an ancient past time. Hauntingly awesome. Take the 80's for example. Yeah, yeah I know I have not stopped going on about my CRAZY obsession for the 80's. But come on! It's just COOL! Omg I have just realised it's snowing! As I am writing this little droplets of heaven are falling on to the cold concrete of reality. Aww. Isn't it a lovely feeling when you realise that for a short period of time everything is 'Narnia like' and you get to relax and slob out in a way that is just so care free. Is there anything better?! See... another revival! Snow. At the beginning of this year snow was upon us thick and fast, and now, IT'S BACK! How ironic. Indeed.

Right so let's get down to fashion.

Blazers. Revived. Combat boots. Revived. Leg warmers - eurgh. Crop tops. Revived. Folk trends. Revived. Suspenders. Revived. Brogues. Revived. - Personal fave of mine.

As I have mentioned in a previous post. What goes around comes around. ? Agree ?

I am now going to ask you a question. What has been your favourite revival from 2009/10???
      Be amazing and let me know in a comment.

Love you and leave you.

xx A xx


Cindy Whitehead said...

Love your 80's looks/post (-:

Noble Beeyotch said...

Great post! I love the Blazers trend from my very is seriously one of the most versatile trends!

tobes said...

omg!! i love those loafers!! i'm so saving up for one ^_^