Monday, 18 January 2010

Interior.. it's what's on the inside that counts...right?

Once again I am blessing you lucky people with a fabulous post, with a twist. Fashion related of course, but not as you may of first thought. Hmm.. 'what the hell are you talking about?!' I hear you ask, well I shall tell you.

Interior design. Fashion for the home. A rooms outfit. Style in the living quarters. Whatever you want to call it. We all like to accessorise in our homes. This post was inspired by my sudden urge to move house. Now, as a 15 year old, I am not legally allowed to purchase a wonderful place to call my own, just yet, but for the moment I am with the family :) and we are indeed looking for a new house. Yippeeee! No, that wasn't sarcasm.

I love house hunting. I love to see how people fill a space with their items of choice. Long loved posessions from far away lands.

Ikea, Urban Outfitter's homeware, John Lewis. Vintage stores. Antique cellars. Love, love, love. Cushions, candles, duvet covers, photo frames. I simply adore them all. For me, I love anything to do with dressing up. Whether that be me on a summers day, or a set of four walls. It's all the same to me. Below are some pics of my GORGEOUS duvet cover, created by none other than Janet Reger - well known for her beautiful lingerie. Ms Reger is a prime example, that fashion can inspire interior design. She transformed her sassy lacey idea's, in to duvet covers with a boudior feel. I for one, am very grateful. Sleeping has never felt so stylishly good!

My bedroom is a mixture of plums, blacks and baby pinks. A parisian inspired boudior. Gothic glamour with a vintage twist. I am slowly but surely building my bedroom and adding bits and bobs, to create the final 'look'. When I move I will take some pic of my new bedroom, for now here are a few shots taken by yours truely of; my duvet cover, courtesy of Janet Reger, my lamp - which I love, love, love, and my cute sewing machine, which is yet to be fixed, but it looks very retro.

The actual duvet cover - not my bedroom btw.


tobes said...

I love your bedroom design so sophisticated ^_^ hmm i think i have a sewing machine just like that but it's an older x12 lol and broken one
xo tobes

Sonia said...
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Frugalp said...

Wow. I'm not a fashion fan but I am really impressed with your blog and the stunning photos and layout. I just read your post on and clicked on the link. You are pretty precocious for a 15 year old (why not - I was writing theatre reviews for my school newsletter at your age anyway!) but keep doing what you're doing. Never mind the world of print journalism - it is dying anyway and the internet is where things are going. Why not try - maybe when you're 16 or a bit older - getting some work experience at a big website like, Yahoo or AOL? Most of these have London offices - I don't know where you're based. MSN certainly has a lifestyle/fashion section. You could even try to approach them with some feature ideas - ask them if they have teenage web users who would be interested in articles written by someone their own age. Sure, with the recession things are tough, but things will hopefully improve by the time you are in the working world. Keep it up. Not all areas of journalism are as difficult to get into as people make out. I'm sure fashion journalism is very tough, but be open to other areas too.

Platform Princess said...

Cute blog.

Your bedroom looks great, love the lighting.

Fyi, love The Rapture!

PP x

Platform Princess said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment.

Is it wrong that I dance along to your blog music every time I visit?!

PP x

nicole said...

Love the duvet cover, can't wait to see what the finished room looks like!

tobes said...

hey abbie i've left you an award on my blog :)