Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Move over skinny! Curvy's back...?

Yes you read it right. Real curvy women are edging in to the fashion industry, and it's causing quite a stir. V Magazine has started it, and I defy anyone to finish it. We want to see REAL women on the catwalks! Down with size - zero I say. Do you agree?

It is hardly a secret. Women diet...yawn. Size 8 is now considered 'too big' in the real world, if you're not size 6 and under then you should be, that's what seems to be the message coming across from the media. Leggy, lanky, painfully skinny. Not attractive. Curvy, healthy, rounded and vulumptuous. Sound better? I think so.

I understand why designers use skinny models. They don't want 'big bums and tums' to steal the thunder from the outfits. Models are quite literally 'coat hangers'. Models are supposed to look blank, and ready to be dressed up, why should models be 'real' looking ? Because we live in a REAL world in case you hadn't noticed! REALITY is the norm. Size zero isn't! If you're naturally that thin, then okay... not your fault. But starvation is not glamourous, not pretty and damn right not perfect.

Here's the evidence. Cast your eye lashes across these shocking revelations, real women can work it too, and in fact. I think they do it better.

Can you spot the difference?

The light loves those curves. They're so REAL.


Guess who's having more fun.

Such a beautiful concept. I love V magazine for doing this. They devoted an entire magazine to the 'weight debate'. Good on them!

Maybe...just maybe, women will stop starving themselves to look like models. Look at the beautiful women above. Curvy and fabulous.. and guess what?! They're models.
It's time for a change.
If there's one thing wrong with fashion, it's the weight issues.
It's not fashionable.
I hope you have been as inspired by V as I have.

xx A xx


Raez said...

loving this post! controversy of the good variety. society really needs to turn around their mindset and realize that skinny is not the only beautiful!

xx raez

nicole said...

Great post! I love, love, love the spread V magazine did. And its clear who is the better model and who is having more fun!