Monday, 15 February 2010

Tobes my dear, here you are.

I have decided to be incredibly nice and dedicate this post to TOBES.

I have found her to be a very cool blogger throughout my entire time on here, and I find her comments very delightful to read. Her recommendations to music and what not are always great to check out & she is fabulous.

I am not too sure how to give a person an award, but I am going to try and give this one to Tobes, and hope it works. I will be handing out more lovely awards soon. But for now, this is my first. Her blog is beautiful and her words are an inspiration - with a nice sense of humour written in. Always a pleasure my dear. Keep up the lovely-ness.


tobes said...

hey Abbie I can't thank you enough for this post and the Award ^_^ this is truly nice of you. you keep up the lovelness as well my dear ^_^
happy bloging
xo tobes hope you enjoy the halfterm xx