Thursday, 31 December 2009

She's big, brave and beautiful. It's Beth Ditto!

Two posts in one day, now that's dedication!

At the end of my last post, I tagged a vid of Simian Mobile Disco ft Beth Ditto. This got me thinking. Beth Ditto. She's a pretty unique woman don't you think?! Not only is she a kick arse singer in a band called 'The Gossip'. She's inspiration to thousands, millions of women out there.

Her clothes line for Topshop hit headlines. Beth Ditto is a gorgeous plus size woman who felt that Topshop didn't provide for 'plus size' women, like herself. What did she do? She did something about it, creating her own unique range and style.

 You know what, I wish I had her bottle. She has such ferocious confidence! You have got to admire that. "Kiss my ass!" Now that's some serious attitude she's got, which she channels in to self confidence, passion for her size and for women like her, and her music. She's purely an inspiration in my opinion. Do you agree? How could you not.

Beth's Topshop range, modelled by curvy women.


Beth Ditto is an inspiration, and her clothes line isn't just a range of eccentric patterns and colours for 'plus size' women. It's a campaign and an awakening. I have curvy friends, and we go shopping together a lot, yet when we went in to shops like Topshop, there were no clothes suitable for my friends, and it's really sad to see. I am so glad Beth Ditto did something about it. She is a fabulous woman! I just hope other stores follow the lead.

"This world that we live in makes dysphoria of the body. People can't leave the house because they think they're 'too ugly', and get insane plastic surgery. Gee, I wonder why they do that to themselves? The fashion industry makes people feel like total s***. But, at the same time, I really adore some designs. I really wish I could have all these clothes, but none of that stuff would fit me and those designers couldn't give a f***." - Beth Ditto.

Peace out!


tobes said...

:) happy! new year i enjoyed readin your comment lol made me laugh love beth ditto is so unique :)