Saturday, 2 January 2010

Big screen fashion queen...

Is there really anything better than a night in with old films?

Chicago. Didn't it just make you want to squeeze in to a corset and strut around the room? Music. From inspiration, to inspiration. Rihanna's 'Disturbia' video, dark, gothic and...disturbingly glamourous, mind the pun. Slap on the black lipstick, ruffle your hair and there you have it. Style courtesy of Rihanna.

What I'm saying in this post, is that fashion is like dressing up. Where do the idea's come from? Everywhere. But, movies and music play a big part, don't you think? Madonna for instance, 'vogue'. Need I say more?! Waynes World, 80/90's style. Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure, Converse and waistcoats. "Excellent!"

So let's take a look at the films that changed the fazes and crazes:

Grease - quiffs, leathers, converse and rolled up sleeves on a plain white tee. Niice.

Top Gun - Raybans.                                              
Quaraphenia - trench coats, blazers. 80's.

Flashdance - stage school brats delightful dream wardrobe, ankle warmers and leggings galore.

Miami Vice - one for the boys. Blazers and shades at the ready. Bold suits, shoes and no sign of socks.
Sex and the City - Killer wardrobe of dresses to die for.

Desperately seeking susan - Lace gloves, big black shades and hair bows.

Next time you're flicking through the box office, just think; what's on the big screen could be in your wardrobe sooner than you think.

*Big thank you to my best friend, also known as my Mum, for the idea behind this post. xx


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