Thursday, 31 December 2009

2010 My Dahling's...

New Year! You ready for it? 2010 here we come, and I have a good feeling.

I must admit I am quite excited about 2010. I wonder what fashions and trends I'll encounter, who I'll meet and what exciting things I'll get up to. I have new goals, new resolutions - which I intend to keep. My resolutions are;

-To try and get a part time job somewhere.
-To try and do a post every day or every two days.
-To work really hard at school and make sure everything is done on time.     
-To have fun!

Last night I got thinking, at midnight tonight I'll be able to say; "I'll be 16 this year", and "next year I can drive." Now, that's wierd 'eh! I'm growing up so fast, but I kind of like it. People change, fashions change. Nothing can stay the same forever. That's just a big part of growing up I guess. Learning to roll with the changes. But on the plus side, it means lots of fabulous new styles to try out!

What are you resolutions? Have you got any daring plans this year? How are you celebrating tonight? Leave some comments and keep me posted.

Whatever you're doing, have fun, and Happy New Year followers!!!!

I'll be leaving you with an amazing song ft Beth Ditto, which has really got me ready for the New Year to arrive. Enjoy.


nuheila said...

Happy New Year!!!


Erica Leigh said...

good luck with you resolutions! i need to get a part-time job too (but i've been avoiding it haha).

just discovered your blog, and i really like the interviews + inspirations. can't wait to see how it evolves.

♥ erica