Wednesday, 30 December 2009

One aspiring journalist to another...

I recently came across some fabulous people on 'Independent Fashion Bloggers'.
There's a group I was invited to, where bloggers interview bloggers. It's a gem of an idea, so I interviewed the creator, Gotham Hipster.  She's very cool. Check out her blog, it's fabulous; Enjoy!

Who, or what inspires you?
This question is so oddly difficult to answer. I am inspired by New Yorkers; they're not afraid to take risks and are unambiguously wacky. But I'm also inspired by old movies like Charade, and Poirot films.

Does what you wear help you to 'be' somebody.
My outfits change personas on a daily basis. Each morning when I get dressed up, that character becomes a part of me, helping me mold my overall style.

If you could give one fashion tip to somebody, what would it be?
My fashion tip is that the best accessory is confidence; even the most hideous outfit can be made fabulous if you flaunt it, and make it your own.

Why did you decide to do a blog? Why on fashion and not something else?
I hope to pursue a career in fashion editorials, and as I am a young teen I thought there was no better way to exercise fashion journalism than to experience it firsthand.

Who are your 3 top style icons, past and present?
Agyness Deyn: I am smitten with her by her bold fashion choices, she's never afraid to look a little raunchy and yet she looks stunning none the less.

Zoe Kravitz: she makes her bohemian rocker style, mixed with the ultimate vintage closet, look so effortless.

Valerie Malone: The 90210 star (played by Tiffani Thiessen) makes me want to wear crop tops and high-waisted anything, non stop.

Do you think you have to be skinny to be stunning and stylish?
No, not at all. In V magazine's "One Size Fits All" spread, a standard thin model is photographed against a plus size model in the exact same outfit. You know what? The 'plus size' model, Crystal Renn rocked the look, so what if she actually had skin on her bones?

Are you big on accessories?
My favourite designer is Sonia Rykiel, I adore all of the sequin berets she showed this season. I have all of these vintage berets I got from my Grandmother that I've been wearing. Occasionaly I wear bows and this wonderful western belt I found at Zachery's Smile in NYC. 

How much does your heritage, and the environment in which you grew up effect your style?
If I had grown up in a small town I wouldn't have been exposed to the melting pot of style, culture and people that I am in New York. Without it I wouldn't have gotten to explore all of the the things I hold dear to my heart here.

Have you been through many fashion fazes, and if so which was your favourite, and which was your worst?

Fashion is constantly evolving, and I can't say my style changes around what's trendy. But it has certainly endured many fazes. Currently I love anything velvet and the juxtaposition of wearing bandage skirts with comfy oversized sweaters. Way back when I didn't have bangs, oh goodness that was bad.

And finally, what was your favourite fashion era?
My favourite era was the 80's because I love how spirited it was. No one was afraid to experiment with exuberant combinations; no colours ever clashed, nothing was ever to high-waisted or short.


Kate said...

Adore Agyness!
The last outfit was cute, love those white shoes shes wearing!

tobes said...

nice !! yeah i was invited to the group too :) every ones blog was fab wasn't it? can't believe that you guys hav already done the interview nice job abbie! :) gotham's blog makes me wanna have a cupcake every time i visit it !! :).....

nuheila said...

nice job abbie!i really enjoyed to read this interview:)

Haooy New Year 2010!!!