Monday, 24 May 2010

We like short shorts :)

Summer is upon us ! This calls for some wardrobe revival, sadly, being 15 has it's draw backs... i.e. complete lack of money. & what does a girl do when she's in desperate need of shorts..? Aha. Make some !! Pass the scissors, and let's get going m'lovelys! 

I bought some 3/4 length Tokyo Rose shorts a few years ago, they were about to be chucked out, but luckily I spotted them, and made them mine again.

These literally took 5 minutes,, with a pair of kinda' blunt scissors - couldn't find any sharp ones, what could be easier ?!

I heart my converse! 


Cindy Whitehead said...

Great idea w/the shorts and loving your converse - I have a pair just like those (-:

tobes said...

it's like you know me ! :P
i love the fifties youth vibe which i'm getting fromt this abbie
what can i sya you have the Converse the denims! hot! which you've ever so cooly *if thats a word made into short shorts! i do salute you! my dear
aceness! rock on summer!
Xo tobes

style said...

i like short too i love this post its really cool

Fashion Tidbits said...

hehe :) i do this to my pants all the time!! it drives my mom nuts

Rianna Bethany said...

the shorts look great!
Rianna xxxxx

Becca. said...

love your shorts, such a great idea.
i'll let you in to a secret
(i'm 15 too!)
thankyou for linking my blog on your blog roll i shall add you too mine now!

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