Wednesday, 6 January 2010

An interview with a dahling... this is Tobes.

First of all, tell me a little bit about your blog, what's it all about?
Stylerodant, I believe is a little bit of what I’m interested in and others form Art, to vintage wear, Haute couture, and other artist of all sorts. It’s Fashion, Art, Life.

 Why did you create a blog?
I wanted something to say this is what I’m interested in, and also what has become a part of me. Because sometimes in the adult world when you think you’ll be able to express yourself and find other people whom can agree with you on the simple things, you sometimes might not be as lucky as you would have liked to think.

Do you feel that fashion is a big part of your life?
Of course, as well as Art . I’ve always said, to call “Fashion” Fashion is an Understatement “D'appeler la mode la mode est un Euphemisme”
Fashion requires love. You give to it, and it gives back.

Who and what inspires you?
Oh, this is a big one Abbie. First of all lets start with my infinite love for all things vintage (clothes and accessories that is and cars) , Artists such as Mario Zampedroni and his Italian abstract paintings, Giacometti, Robert Rauschenberg, Alexandra Shulman Vogue editor, The 20’s flapper fashion mixed with the early 50’s closed fashion, My favourite Haute Couture designer Zuhair Murad. Alber Elbaz from Lavin, Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain, Vivien Westwood, Hussein Chalayan. And my favourite fashion capital Milan - Florence is beautiful. And also Emile Zola the writer.

Does what you see in the media effect what you wear, if so, which forms of media and why?
Yes, it did when I was younger but now, I would refer to the media as a medum that just helps out for instance magazines, papers and even Tv (FTV) . They to me, only provide a source of information and not exactly tell me what to wear just guidelines.
I do have a favorite designer for every thing my favorite label for bags is Fendi and Jane Shilton Dresses and evening wear zuhair murad, Dior, Frankie Morello, Jil sander, Chanel, Pucci and also all the vintage shops in Frome.

Are you happy with your appearence, many teenage girls are not these days because of pressure in the media. Do you feel under pressure to look a certain way?
I can say I’m pleased with my body shape, I believe that when we teenagers worry about our shape it’s just something that will soon Passover ( but obviously in some cases that’s not the case) we should concentrate on how to help it and be healthy and choosing the right type of materials and clothes for your body because not every thing that is designed can fit every one you should be able to find your “NICHE”

Do you ever make your own clothes, or would you ever consider it?

Do you have a favourite label or designer, and if so, which one?

Yes, I do make my own clothes, I make garments which are couture (but wearing them is a v.different matter…) I’ve learnt to sew since I was seven and I still continue till to day, I’ve also made my own collection of garments. It’s a very though and challenging thing to do.

What has been your favourite fashion era, and which era do you think changed fashion the most?
The 20s and 50s were my favourite fashion era not only that they changed the fashion world they brought about changes to our culture in the 20s we had the change of hard woman to the comfortable one wearing the t shoes and the soft yet subtle fleshly coloured dresses which obviously brought back some female Rebeelness and the 50s because this era embraced the woman in contrast to the way they were treated fashion here was sophisticated , elegant and brave and it also saw a change in the way teenagers dress we had the Denim brought to us (thank God for that !) and also the ever loved Yves Saint Laurent (RIP) and thanks for that 60s dress that every one now copies. Let’s not forget Coco Chanel’s line, which brought the Chanel Jacket to change us all . And Valentino whom changed the way women dressed (twice!)

What is the most amount of money you've ever spent on one fashion item, what was it, and where was it from?
I have to say that I like to save money, but the most expensive fashion item I ever bought was a 20s vintage Bellino fuchsia blouse with little diamantes’ and skirt that costs £200

Which fashion item is currently on your 'wish list'?
HA! Two white dresses. One that ended the Elie Saab A/W 09 fashion show, and the other that ended the A/W09 Zuhair Murad Haute couture collection. And a pair of Louboutins and a black quilted vintage chanel bag.

Have you made any New Years resolutions, if so, what are they?
Yes, one is to stop procrastinating , take my second visit to the Saatchi Gallery for the new work, and attend the vintage fair in Chelsea London , and to get a job so that I could pay for those tickets!.

In your own definition, what is fashion to you?
D'appeler la mode la mode est un euphémisme
-Fashion Is also Power!.

What do you think stylishness acheives?
Makes you what you wear not who you are (sometimes).

If you could erase one embaressing outfit from your past, what would it be and why?
When I lived in Africa, on a freezing cold night I went out wearing a soft chiffon dress and I was laughed at. But I learnt a lesson. Just because it’s Africa doesn’t mean it’s sunny through the night.

Have you had many fashion fazes, and if so, what was your favourite?
There was a time when I was stuck in the eighties but don’t worry I didn’t do the legwarmers! I also did the 60s skirt, belt and blouse, and my favorite which I am rite now is the mixed one which includes the vintage blazer, shirt or blouse, skirt along with my Jane shilton vintage bag and a power dress (good thing Valentino thought us to remove the shoulder pads after it’s era).

Here are some pictures from the collection :)

Tobes is such a lovely person, and I always look forward to her comments and messages as I know she will leave constructive feedback. This collection is just stunning and so are the pictures to match.

I really enjoyed interviewing Tobes, as she has amazing views and clearly knows her designers. Lovely, lovely girl and lovely, lovely blog. Check it out :

Thouroughly enjoyed doing this interview. Thanks Tobes. xx

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