Thursday, 7 January 2010

Get your ears stuck in to this little post...

This post is going to be a bit different from the fabulous norm. Instead of 100% fashion I have decided to write a little about music. As in a former post I mentioned that music can inspire the clothes one wears. In this post I will shove a whole lot of wonderful video's on here, by some bands that I have recently come across thanks to shows like Gossip Girl. Music is expression and so is fashion, they are linked in more ways than one. Stick in your headphones and examine the tunes that I love. If you want to of course, if you don't then feel free to float your boat elsewhere.

First up, a woman that I simply think is incredible. Ladyhawke. Her voice is amazing.The first album I bought last year.Love, love, love her effortless cool tunes. Have a listen...

Love it! How could you not?! She brought over sized plaid shirts on to the scene. A-MA-ZING!

Next up, a band from New York. They are called The Raptures. I first heard of them on a British show called 'Misfits'. They did the theme tune called 'Echoes', which is so cool. I am addicted to them! There's this one song they did with Timberland, called 'No sex for Ben'. I haven't stopped playing it! Hip-hop with edge. Enjoy. I cannot explain how much I love this! My fave song of 2010.

*Drooling* at the hot tunage from The Raptures. This little beauty has been featured on Gossip Girl and a few other hit shows. So if you've heard it before, that's probably where.

Florence and the Machine are BIG! Florence's voice is just beautiful, I could listen to her album 'lungs' all day. Take a listen of this little gem called 'Dog days are over'. Chilax to this with a smile... 

Lastly on this post from all this tune-like stuff, it's a song by The Bravery called 'Believe', you will recognise this if you are a Gossip Girl fan. It's very catchy.

I have been doing a lot of interviews lately so I thought this blog needed something a little different. Don't worry the fashion will be back. I was just mixing this up a little bit, as they say, too much of a good thing can get a little boring. I have been listening to these tunes a lot when typing up new posts, so thought I would share them with you, as they remind me of Blogger.

Leave your comments, as always, I love to know what your lovely little minds are thinking.

xx A xx


tobes said...

as always adoring your post this is amazing, i love your love for Lady Hawke impressive she's the class of 2010 !! :) (thoght i was the only one who knew whom she was) lol never mind me! on gossip girl so sad cw slashed thier show for the next 2 months help i can't take it ( again lol just me missing GG)
p.s if you love ladyhawke you'll love Roisin Murphy (utter talent!)
and more pp.s, i'm writing about a local talent from Frome, they are called Jakarta ccan't wait to post them
lol happy bloging After my long exhausting comment xoxo