Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Red, White and Blue.

The Union Jack is BIG!

If you haven't got atleast 5 items with a union jack print in your wardrobe, you should be asking yourself why!

Some say preppy, some say vintage. Some say retro some say cool. Some say 'It's very posh spice', and some say 'hey dude lovin' the union jack'. Either way it is VERY in trend. Why? Because it is down right awsome, plus patriotic and the colours go with anything. PLUS...I said so.

Celebrities are loving the union jack, for example, Pixie Geldof, rocks a union jack print dress and tights, not to mention Fearne Cotton, who did a photoshoot for Daily Mail in a rather fetching union jack dress and very large hair. Love it!

Too 90's for words.
All I'm saying is "Fearne, you've done it again."