Monday, 30 November 2009

Love 'em or hate 'em you know you want some...

You know when you walk round a shop and you spot something. Something you are shocked by, shocked that you actually like it. Something you would never even dream of wearing, yet you envy those that manage to pull it off. I had one of these moments a couple of weeks ago. I was swanning around my local shopping centre and right in River Island's window display sat a pair of battered, rustic and stunningly cool military boots. Slate them if you will, but come on...they are something pretty special. Just think for a sec, picture it, marching through the streets, eyes focused on you. People staring in admiration of your fashionable confidence. Ooh yes!

Witness the fitness suckers!

Many celebs have been sporting the 'combat' style boots. Amber Rose, Drew Barrymore, Agyness Deyn and so many more have been rockin' the look. With style. See..PROOF!


Anonymous said...

Hate 'em. Already dated.