I could write something very airy fairy here & take credit for a million and one quotes that I probably would've googled earlier, but you know what... I really can't be bothered.

Instead, I'll state the facts:

My name's Abbie Elizabeth Beck - Cohen, not nearly as interesting as I've been told it sounds, believe me. I live in the UK, in the Midlands to be precise, in a small town, that is home to around 10-15,000 people. It's pretty much where nothing occurs, on a regular basis. Despite saying this, drama does seem to seek me out on the odd occasion. But that's all part of life, right. 

Right, so there's the basics, but I suppose you nosy buggers want to delve a bit deeper? Okay, fair do's. Feel free to continue reading if you would like to know random shizzle such as; the colour of the socks I'm wearing, and my personal preference when it comes to day time telly. If not, then cheers for reading, it's been a pleasure m'lovelys.

 I watch far too much tv, I have way too many sugars in my tea and coffee and I hate Marmite. Right now in life, I am trying to get my teeth stuck in to 'Wurthering Heights'.. because I've given up with 'Pride and Prejudice'. I like to indulge in Gossip Girl and feed my addiction regularly, my favourite film is either... The Spice Girls Movie (CRINGE), or Dirty Dancing. I currently have a fascination with tattoo's, drawing pointless sketches, and as always, my Blackberry. I am 5ft 9, I have wild curls and am proud of my curves. I often tell myself that I'm going to get on the Wii Fit, but never do. Oops. My guilty pleasures are... falling asleep during the day, listening to my Ipod at a rid-ic-u-lous volume and of course, window shopping. Notice the word 'window', as I am totally broke. There you go, that's enough info for one day.

Blogging is my way of feeling that I am contributing to something...I just need to realise what that something is. I aspire to break in to the fashion industry - in the journalism field. That's a long shot, and will take a lot of hard work to get there, but I am determined, and I guess I use blogging as my way of feeling that I am nearing that ambition.

I hope you enjoy my blog. If not, then stop wasting your time looking over my posts and move on to another lovely blogger - life's too short! 

Criticism is good in small doses, so bring it on :) 

I love to know your opinion's, and expression is vital in fashion, so please express your thoughts.

My email is : 

So if you have anything you would like to stress or discuss then send me a message, it can be anything blog related, or even if you just fancy a chat. I'm always happy to chat, after all, I am a girl :)

xx A xx