Sunday, 1 August 2010

Grunge is glamorous. Wack on the combat boots. Smudge the eyeliner. Shake out your hair, and rip everything. Dirty chic is hot right now, gothic glamour has never looked so good.


Sonia said...

I really like the grunge-type look. Especially the make up and hair and the layering :)

Sonia // Dozen Dresses xo

Pixie Drive-In said...

I love the grunge look. Perfect for fall!

Ebony said...

I think the hardest part of the new grunge trend is working it into your look when you're anti-grunge. Maybe smudge the eyeliner and slightly torn jeans with a fur coat?

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tobes said...

hehe hello i knew you had this post coming! yes! and welldone :) x

As soon as i saw the word grunge all i could think of was taylor momsen oh and was that a picture of effy frome skins? :)
xo tobes
p.s i was thinking grunge/vintage? hehe what do ya think?

Edie Mindell said...

Gothic glamour has been part of the fashion trend for a long time already, and hasn't been out of style eversince. I love the grunge fashion look. It looks rebellious and yet, very trendy.:-)