Thursday, 1 April 2010

Oh So Hard...

Her style is innovative. Original. Bolt hard and edgy.

Her voice is so distinctive. As is her trademark red lipstick. Feisty hair styles and outrageous music vids, jam packed with attitude. Nobody wants to mess with Rihanna right. Er.. excusing Chris Brown, but we all know what happened there, and when Jay-Z and Kayne are there to protect the beautiful singer, she really is untouchable.

The reason for this post, is her new music video. 'Hard ft Jeezey'. When I first saw it, I was gob smacked. The way she acts on camera is incredible, she totally owns it. The video is amazingly fabulous, the song is incredible and her style is simply astonishing.

Imagine wearing a Mickey Mouse stylieee helmet, grinding on a hot pink bulldozer in the middle of an army training ground - that is when you're not strutting across a mine field, or rolling around in mud. No, I'm not going insane, check out the video below. Trust. You do not want to miss out.

What is it about Rihanna's style, that makes her seem so ... cool?! That's the one word that sums her up. She's cool. Her style is some what to be desired and admired. Who can flaunt it in a bra made entirely from bullets? Hmm...Rihanna can.


nuheila said...

So video:)