Sunday, 11 April 2010


Nick Grimshaw. A,K,A - Grimmy. 

I know he's a guy. But his styles A-MA-ZING. His collection of mates is enough to make me gag, and he's so down to earth it's unbelievable. This guy is just COOL. And I had to share that with you.

His fashion sense is so unique. 

Just taking a little stroll with Agyness Deyn & Henry Holland, no big deal.

Shopping trip with Alexa+Pixie... yes please.


Alexa., Nick., & Agyness...

Oh, and there's Pixie.

If I were a man, I would want to be him. He hangs out with the best of the best, he's cooler than cool and his fashion sense is so up to date it makes me sick.

What do you think of Grimmy? You a fan?

xx A xx


Annie said...

I love your blog! Definitely following it for sure, it's inspiring xxxx