Monday, 21 December 2009

Urban Outfitters my dear!

I dedicate this post to Urban Outfitters. Probably my fave shop ever  EVER!

Urban Outfitters = cool... The End.

Even the stores are cool. Damn, I would.

Vintage tee's, killer heels, rustic brogues, combats to die for, accessories galore. "Knitty gritty street styles meets Topshop." As quoted Do you agree?

Every pretty young thing is reading about it.

Just look at the uber cute detail!
Truly Madly Deeply I promise V-Neck Tee - £28.00

Urban Outfitters also support Boutique Brands and Labels. Perfect! For example; 'See by Chloe', 'Paul and Joe Sister', 'Simon Preen', 'Surface To Air' and so many more. To view the entirety of Urban Outfitters awesome-ness, view the site.

Not just clothes. Urban Outfitters also sell ultra hot offerings for the home. Many of which would do nicely as Christmas gifts. 25th December - fast approaching, for those of you that have forgotten.

You either love or hate Marmite. But you've gotta love this money box. &; It's only £20.00!

These picture frames will add personality to any wall. Love,love,love.
£10.00. Wow!